Dear Diary: This is me...

Dear Diary: This is me…

‘For the Touch of Your Love’ Poem

The other love poem i wrote.

For the touch of your love
Azmaria Dei Post
Circa 2008

Under cloudless skies of blue
Desiring nothing save for you
Drinking deeply of the rivers
Without you gives me shivers

Walking along the fertile lands
An ache for touch in my hands
Treading fiery coals so hot
It’s cold where you’re not

My love for you spans the glen
Of every where and every when
Through thick and through thin
I will always be your soul’s kin

Until Heaven’s gates arrested
And the foundations tested
I will stand beside you awaiting
The never ending day resonating

With hope and patience and love
With lightning wings of the dove
In the sky flying to your arms
To bask in the glory of your charms

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