Thank You

i don’t expect anyone to read my blog or my poetry, but when someone comments on something, i’m so happy i can cry. thank you all that have. thank you. ^_^ you’re one of the little things that makes life worth living.


3 Responses to Thank You

  1. Miriam Dunn says:



  2. I’m not sure whether I like making women cry, but when it’s with happiness I may just be ok with it 😛 Just keep writing hun. You have a wonderful mind and beautiful way of putting things, would be a shame to waste such talents, that’s one of the few things I know.

  3. Hi Azzie,

    The first thing I want you to know is that I love you and I am looking forward to when I can finally get to see you again. I know a lot has happened in the past few years. I know sometimes we don’t talk much to each other. But I am ALWAYS here for you, no matter what. You’re very talented and everything you set out to do is always amazing. Life can be awesome and we both know, it can be rough too. But never give up. I’ve always believed in you.

    Love you Sis. xx
    Keaira (^_^)