Random Noodle Induced Rant

they are good. they are tasty. they go great with a good cup of tea.
ramen, pasta, noodles… whatever you call them, they are what makes
life worth living. coming home and fixing up a double pack of beef
ramen and a cup of cool earl grey tea is one of the finer things in
life. and if you think me mad for this, then you should rethink many
of your own habits. there are worse things than thinking a meal that’s
under a buck is worth a hundred. i can fix up a full sixteen ounce
package of pasta and put it all away in two meals. this is the love i
have for noodles. they are the moon. the stars. the sky. they are the
vast oceans, lakes, and rivers i long to drink deeply of. they are the
mountains that give rise to life and meaning to existence. without
noodles there would be no heaven or earth. the very existence of a
single noodle is worth eating it. savoring the taste and texture you
can feel the power of the universe flowing into you. thus, noodles are
a glorious food made from divine powers.

Eating a noodle can be done by anyone. To consume it and know the soul
of the noodle in doing so is the work of a master. To experience and
savor every aspect of a noodle and to take it into yourself as a part
of you is done only by invitation of the noodle itself. Remember this
when you ‘eat’ a noodle, my son. To fully understand oneself, you must
first understand what drives the noodle. To understand the noodle, you
must first know it’s name. Have the names of the noodles you have
consumed thus far been presented by the noodles themselves?

if you don’t agree, talk to the Noodle-Cup of Undefined Power Society
(N-CUPS) of which i am the apparent sole member of.


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