Dear Diary: This is me...

Dear Diary: This is me…

‘For you My Eternal Love’ Poem

Yes I was in love once. That ended in a lot of heartache and strife┬áthat i’m still trying to get over.

for you my eternal love
Azmaria Dei Post
Circa 2008

forever, thine heart
unto my love eternal
dancing in court
sparkling thusly
upon a pedestal

i give to thee for all to see
the passion of immortality
unto the stars, the moon
tis thee i grant this boon

forever more, wakes the dawn
bright as eyes of newborn fawn
laughing under sky so blue
i see new color vivid of you

to shine to play to see anew
a splendor outlook born of you
again to fly again to cry
loving you the joy so high

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