This is a collection of some of the Haiku I’ve written. It’s all English style though, so be warned. ^_~ I’ll add more to it as I remember and find the ones I’ve written before now.



night wishes calling
stars twinkling playfully
wings of dreams doth spread

summer dreams falling
sweet whisper of leaves so shy
cicadas sing sweet

golden light falling
divine glow of love and peace
immersion of calm

dread of night stalking
mourning a new day coming
another year passed

hacked a PC-L
trying to fill my inbox
to block some PMs

sweet korean wine
why you call my name so well
i may never know

drying in the sun
failing to find a space dive
playing in the street

lightside and darkside
points so evil to use and see
will bog the system

if by tracking clicks
you set it up for doing
with fat database

fermented rice wine
that is fermented double
makes me feel so fine

aim of removing
tolerance to alcohol
going well it seems

angel watching him
with knowledge of haiku things
watching over him

most people work hard
sitting around trying to
avoid working hard

the Petite Crouton
he did destroy with great haste
speed record he made

perfect candidate
for natural selection
he is becoming

back and forth it moves
day and night almost constant
roof is fine for now

pain and suffering
from the people in my head
yet efficiency

Japan way of life
quakes, lava, and tsunami
and yet they still queue

Your order has shipped
from The Custom Saber Shop
best words on this earth

dark depressing day
sitting waiting for a friend
to say hi to me

sunny days go by
burning my flesh bright maroon
melting snow so pure

tired and weary
hungry and no coffee yet
sitting at work now

give me my coffee
heck i would settle for tea
or even a coke

cold reaching fingers
gripping the heart silent still
ice fills the darkness

sweet gooey and smooth
velvety rich and so dark
cocoa confection

drowning in despair
nothing positive around
and tired as hell

slept for fourteen hours
got all the sleep i could want
now i’m well rested

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