Dreams Shattered

I once had hope.
I lost that.
I once thought i could live.
I was wrong.
I once thought i could care for someone.
They proved me wrong.
I thought i knew love.
My heart was shattered.
I thought i could be happy.
I was wrong about that too.
I thought i had a good future.
I thought wrong.
I had faith that things would be ok.
That faith was trampled.
I once looked at the stars and thought of you.
I wasted my time.
I held passion unfolding in my heart.
Like a glass rose it was frail.
I thought the torture would be eased.
It was worsened.
I thought i had a friend at least.
Friends dont give you hope then stab you in the back.

One Response to Dreams Shattered

  1. No, I dont. I fight damned hard to right what went terribly wrong. And I never ever give up on a friend. You can take that to the bank!