‘Story Bread’

I started writing this when i was in England back in 2005-2006. I finished the first 2 parts and left part 3 unfinished and stopped there. call it writer’s block i guess…

Part 1: Erste
Picture a clear spring sky. Complete with white cottony clouds sailing across a blue sky like a flotilla of whales in the sea. As you look down you see the treetops of a lush jungle splayed out before you, the breeze sending ripples across them like waves on a beach. As you look closer you can see the undergrowth through the sparse gaps, revealing many strange plants. As we move down from the treetops, a strange winged creature comes into view flying towards us. It appears to be a scaly humanoid with tough leathery wings. This particular specimen seems to be interested in finding something. Let us join it and learn what we can.


As the dragon priestess glides through the air searching for a suitable sacrifice for the upcoming spring festival, she feels a prickling on the back of her neck. Thinking to herself that the gods are watching over her she continues her search. After several minutes of searching, she comes across a silvery pool of water. Landing next to it she moves to drink from it. As she looks into the pool, she gazes wonderingly at her reflection. Her rust colored scales are punctuated by seemingly random spacklings of bright emerald scales. As she runs her hands down her deep sapphire belly scales, she thrums sensuously sending her similarly patterned wings aflutter. Finally reaching into the pool, she leans down and brings the cool water to her lips with her cupped hands. As the sweet water runs down her throat a feeling of euphoria comes over her. Standing, she suddenly remembers an old story about the festivals of lore. She thinks on how they used worthy males from the village to appease the gods and grant them a good and abundant year. Giggling and smiling dumbly, she sits on a nearby rock overcome by giddiness.

Sitting on the rock staring into space and giggling like a madwoman, she does not notice the white sun setting. After several hours of sitting in the dark she finally becomes coherent enough to notice her bum aching from sitting so long on a cold slab of granite. She stands up and stretches refreshingly, getting her stiff muscles ready for movement. Knowing what she must do from her vision granted to her by the pool from the gods she takes to wing and soars back toward her village.

Upon her arrival she is greeted by the council of elders. Telling them of her vision, they look worried and several object vehemently. After several hours of heated discussion, they finally agree that a vision from the gods is best not ignored and that they will do as she says. She then excuses herself to prepare for the grim task before her.

Returning to her bedchamber she bathes, scrubbing her scales clean with a bar of sand. After rinsing thoroughly, she coats herself in spiritual oils. She then opens her tin of prepared ceremonial silver. She then uses it to paint on herself the necessary markings for the ceremony. When she is finished, she wraps her wings around herself forming a cloak that hides almost her entire body.

Walking regally to the village square, she is met by many curious stares and murmurings from her fellow dragon kin. Ignoring them all she proceeds directly to the sacrificial alter. Awaiting her arrival is the chief elder of the village. Next to him is another elder bearing a serpentine dual bladed dagger in a leaf filled basket. Addressing the priestess, he speaks to her questioningly. She nods simply. Turning to the gathered crowd, she spreads her wings wide and drops to her knees.

Entity A: “Have you figured out their language yet?”
Entity B: “I think so. Let’s give it a try.”

Spreading her arms wide, she proclaims “Great ones visited me they have. Lost we have become they say. Sacrifice I am to be, this great feasting day. Merry be, for new beginning is this. Cry not, rejoicing to be remade for good finding salvation.” All around her throughout the crowd are murmurings of “Mad she is” and “Forsaken we are.”

After retrieving the dagger, the chief elder turns to her. Cutting his own hand and bleeding on the blade he says, “To which my blood mingle does, with you to be taken forth. Guide you to redeem us will it.” With that he hands her the ceremonial dagger.

Holding it high above her, she points it at her own chest. “Together we become with renewing and salvation to sleeping people of redemption to you goddess grand.” Plunging the dagger into her heart, she lets loose a blood curdling scream. The fire in her eyes fades as she falls backwards limply.

Entity A: “Well, this doesn’t seem to be going well for her.”
Entity B: “Want to have a little fun?”
Entity A: “You don’t mean…”
Entity B: “Yep, just like back on Sol 3.”
Entity A: “The council will probably revoke our license this time.”
Entity B: “You saw her vision too. How else would something like that happen?”
Entity A: “Well, you do have a point there. Activating Sequence Omega 113. Process will take 72 hours; approximately two days local time.”

As the elders wrap their now dead priestess in furs, a strange golden light shines down upon them to the amazement of the on looking crowd. When they were finished and they picked her up to carry her to the council hall, the light faded away.

For two days the council kept a constant vigil watching over her. On the morning of the second day, they all gathered and sat around her meditating and praying for her safe return and the redemption of their people.

Entity B: “It’s almost time. Anything special you want to add?”
Entity A: “Not particularly. I already placed her conscious and sub conscious in contact with each other and every other sub consciousness on this planet. I did have to modify her a bit to handle the stress and to minimize confusion.”
Entity B: “Well then if you are ready, I think I finally have a good translation set up.”
Entity A: “Then let’s do this.”

Blinking her eyes, the reborn priestess begins to stir from her slumber. Sitting up, she shakes the furs from her. Looking around she sees the world with a whole new set of senses. Looking at each elder, she can see in her mind everything that they have done and everything they will eventually do. Looking at their thoughts, she sees that they are overjoyed that she has returned to them just as she said. All except for one, who is filled with disbelief at what he sees before him. Ignoring the questions of the other elders, she turns to the one and already knowing his true answer asks him, “Why do you not believe your own eyes my son? Do you not long for salvation as your brothers do?” Staring at the knife still in her chest, he replies, “Would the gods really bless us with your return? I fear not. No, more likely is that this is a trick by some foul demon. I will follow you for now to see for myself how pure you will lead our people.” Pulling the dagger from her chest, she replies to him, “I thank you for your honesty. It warms my heart to know you will be watching out for me. But know that I can see your future and know why you will choose those actions.” Dropping the dagger on the floor, the exposed wound on her chest is healed within seconds.

Part 2: The Awakening
The Reborn Priestess steps from the tent to greet her people anew. Spreading her wings and arms, she addresses the congregated masses. “My people, I stand before you as a sign of redemption! We have been chosen to lead our world to a new life! But first we must cleanse ourselves! We will begin by feasting for three days on the fruits of the forest while I heal the sick and injured! After which we will spread word of the joyous future for our people to our allied neighbors and bring retribution to our enemies! Rejoice, for the time of prophesy, the time of the Grand Return is upon us!” With that, the crowd bursts into cheering.

Eventually people begin moving to prepare the feast. The Reborn Priestess immediately proceeds to the communal kitchens. There she opens every rain catcher, blessing the water contained therein, turning it to sweet nectars. She then blesses all the food being prepared so that it may feed all her people for three days without running out.

Returning to the town center, she finds that the entire town’s aged, sick, and injured people are already awaiting her healing touch. She first walks up to a young boy, whose wings were stunted and useless. Placing her hand upon his forehead she tells him to spread his wings and rejoice. Spreading his wings with a smile on his face, they grow out to be larger and stronger than any other boy’s in the village in a matter of seconds. Turning to the others, she moves through them similarly in a matter of minutes.

During the feast of three days, there was much drunken revelry and everyone participated to their heart’s content, partaking of food, drink, and debauchery freely as is the custom of the late spring festival. During the day the kitchens were kept hot with more food and at night bonfires blazed clear to the sky. The Reborn Priestess however was preparing her plans. Writing messages to the other councils telling them of her coming and asking that they greet her with open arms and join them, she warned them of the consequences of not doing so; divine retribution.

On the fourth day, she had her people gather once again. “To each of the towns we will send a messenger. This message I have written for each of them is an invitation to join us in our crusade to unite our people once again. In so doing we will rebuild the lost civilization of old and reclaim our heritage of the stars. Once again we will fly between worlds delivering others from themselves. And against the demons that stripped us of that destiny, we will show them the full might of our wrath! Now go my people! Spread my words far and wide! Let them reach the most remote areas!” looking out over the masses, she beams with pride, knowing they will all follow her until they die.

Entity A: “I think we may have made a mistake…”
Entity B: “These can’t be the Hyperions. They were all killed in the last galactic war over four thousand years ago.”
Entity A: “Then tell me why I am picking up their old battle codes floating around in her head. I think this is one of those sleeper colonies they put together at the end of the war.”
Entity B: “It’s impossible. We destroyed them all. The DNA patterns are similar, but only have a 43% similarity.”
Entity A: “Which patterns are similar?”
Entity B: “Standby… Brain structure, overall physical pattern, and sensory input are all exactly identical.”
Entity A: “Not good. Activating destruction algorithms… It’s no good; we have no power over her now. All we can do is warn Command Central.”
Entity B: “That option is out now as well. She has somehow cut off our communication lines.”

Continuing to listen to the two argue, the Reborn Priestess begins to strip them of other powers, taking them as her own. When she is done, she interjects into their ‘discussion.’ “If you are done prattling, I recommend you be quiet before I become annoyed and strip you of your speech-all functions too.” Hearing silence, she shifts her awareness back to the masses in front of her. “Now is the time to reawaken our people. They must know the truth of how we were all but wiped out almost four thousand years ago. Come Elders, I will awaken the knowledge of our ancestors buried within you.” With that, she turned and walked back to the meeting hall, all but one of the Elders in tow.

In the meeting hall, she turns to the head Elder. “This will be painful. Are you prepared my son?” Receiving a nod, she brings her hands up and spreads her fingers. A huge arc of white lightning jumps from her fingertips and slams into him, sending him flying backwards to land on the floor several feet away. Ignoring the murmurings of the other Elders, she kneels at his side. Cupping the back of his neck, she leans over and kisses him on the forehead and whispers, “Rise my brother.”

His eyes flash open, looking directly into hers. After a few seconds, he responds. “So we have finally been reawakened in these new vassals. It’s about time we returned.” They stand quickly, turning to the other Elders. “I will assist you in awakening them, Mistress.”

Part 3: Uncovering Destiny Lost
Stepping outside, the group of awakened Hyperions survey their current resources. In a flash of thought, they plan their next moves and send mental ‘suggestions’ to their people to begin preparations to uncover an ancient geofront buried beneath them. Afterwards, every Elder began preparing to leave to locate the other geofronts scattered around the planet, and by using any means necessary to reactivate them.

Over the course of the next several weeks a massive metal pillar was uncovered. Covered in dirt, it sat in a crater dug out by the dragonkin under the direct control of the Priestess Reborn. When the vault door was found about 50 feet down the 100 foot wide pillar, the Reborn Priestess was the only one of the Awakened to be close enough to arrive quickly. Stepping up to it, she traced the Hyperion Seal with her claw causing it to glow blue as she moved through it. When she was finished, there was a loud click and a rolling clanging. After a few seconds the door slowly slid inward. When it had moved backwards 20 feet the other side of the wall was exposed and she was able to slip in. Just inside the small room she found an ancient control panel with a small display and several switches. Flipping the switches one at a time she waited for the screen to come to life. When it was finally awakened, it displayed the operational status of all power systems in the geofront. “It looks like you may be brought from slumber quickly my love. Shall we see how you fared over the ages?” Turning again into the room, she makes her way to the cargo rail.

Stepping into the ancient angled car she activated the controls and started it moving down its spiraling track through several miles of tunnel carved from the bedrock. Eventually the tunnel opened up into a massive dome shaped cavern several dozen miles across. Watching the solar replacement lamps slowly come to life to light up the subterranean area, she waited for the car to finally reach the bottom.

The car finally shuddered to a stop at the bottom. Stepping out, she strolls through the station gates activating the doors in a similar fashion to the surface entrance. Stepping onto a now silent slidewalk, she begins walking hastily towards the main control facility nearby. Although flying would be much faster, she didn’t want to test the anti-air systems. She also knew that if she strayed from the path, the ground defense systems would kill her instantly.

Glancing around while walking, she takes note of the dust covered plascrete structures. Several of the grey surfaces were covered in dust and were beginning to crack, but looked to be in excellent condition otherwise. Several of the lighting systems were not lighting up as they should be. She just hoped the important systems fared better than the lights.
Upon her arrival in the facility, she immediately began activating everything starting with the three primary spatial processing units (PSPU) located there. As soon as they were online she then had full control over everything in the entire complex. Checking status after status, she found that everything except the planetary jump systems made it through the ages without incident. This included thousands of small space craft ready for launch, millions of cloning tubes, and hundreds of personal teleportation gates, among all the support equipment needed to keep it all running smoothly.

Further checking on the communications lines, she found that the PSPUs had made connection with three other locations and they were reporting similar statuses. The locations of 192 other remaining facilities were also confirmed, but found to be currently off line. Fifty-four facilities were not accounted for in any way.

Grinning demonically, she begins preparations for her revenge on those that almost destroyed her people beginning with the two currently whispering in her head.


Priestess Marla woke up several hours before the sun rose like she always did to prepare for the daily offerings at the temple. This time though, there was someone waiting for her when she stepped from her abode. It was an unfamiliar dragonkin wearing the robes of an Elder of another village. There was a strange look in his eyes as he looked her over, making her feel as if she was nothing more than a fresh carcass to be roasted.

“Priestess Marla, I assume. I would like to speak with you privately, if I may. It is a matter dealing with the future of our entire race.” Thinking quickly she replied, “We may speak in the temple. I am the only one there before dawn.” They then walked to the temple in silence, passing several sleeping priestesses in their nestings. Upon their arrival to the great temple to the Dead God of the Ancients, they gazed upon the many armed reptilian avatar at the head of the main audience chamber. Breaking the silence, he spoke first in a hushed tone. “Have you ever seen the spirit of a dead god come back to life? The priestess in my village has become the Avatar Incarnate. She’s missing the other six arms, but she has all the powers that have been lost since time out of mind. With her comes new hope and the destiny to reclaim our rightful place among the stars has been renewed. What you decide will affect every village that has not already joined us. If you declare her the Reborn as she truly is, then it will prevent the deaths of many. All I ask is that you allow me to re-awaken the spirit within you and help you to meet her. The choice is yours.”

Pervading silence echoes through the halls.

“I will go to meet her. If it is as you say and she is the Reborn, then I will know when I look upon her. Allow me to make arrangements with my apprentices and we will go.” With that, she turned and walked out of the temple. After gazing at the statue and wondering if his people would some day regain their lost form as it stands before him for a few more seconds, he followed Priestess Marla to assist her in her travel preparations.

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