‘Close of the Age of the Wandering Fighter’ Poem

Close of the Age of the Wandering Fighter
Azmaria Dei Post
Circa 2005-2006

changing into something new
longing for the pleasant view
sneaking a fairer bit of sinew
redeeming for the next review

throwing away familiar sight
falling through a dark blight
shining through the night
i begin to see the new light
wondering of a new fright

from a cocoon and a shell
bursting my personal hell
tinkling like a newborn bell
i shriek a sharp death knell

into the light shining all the day
i open my eyes surrounded by hay
looking about with my eyes as i lay
thinking aloud is naught but nay
for now there is nothing more to say

the new dawn full of forlorn hope
makes people ponder and mope
at the close of this short passage
i leave you a dreaded message
at the long day’s closing farewell
four words i bid upon a caravel
by those three sisters of the sea
they graciously beckon to me
both despair and hope alas
chanting ‘this too shall pass’

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