‘The Sun’ Poem

The Sun
Azmaria Dei Post
Circa 2005-2006

Burning touch of raging flames
Seething caress of golden fingers
Blinding dance of bright games
Such brilliance that lingers

Dearest life bringer
Mother of the dawn
Keeping the grass
Alive on the lawn

Fanciful shadow-caster
Keeper of the day
Temporal Master
Do as you may

Now falling friend
Hide your visage
Set forth the darkness
That ends your passage

Darkness binds close
Unleashing the unknown
Seeking imagination
Easily overblown

Great lady of the night
So slender and thin
Become gravid and full
At the merest of whim

Fear not fair maiden
For at the month end
You will once more
Be able to bend

Soon the day comes
Wrought by fiery light
In a blazing chariot
To prove its holy might

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