‘Awaiting the Final Farewell’ Poem

Awaiting the Final Farewell
Azmaria Dei Post
Circa 2005-2006

As I sit here pondering and thinking
As I sit here with my bottle drinking
I gaze at the screen oh so bright
And wonder if all this is really right
The sands of time they cling
To prove it’s not just a fling
And it’s starting to really sting

The world has evacuated of dreams
Stringing hopes together by the seams
Eating the souls of those that envision
A new world without global division
Conquest, warfare, hostile declaration
Singing of the fruitless devastation
All this for monetary mobilization

Fighting towards an unclear cause
Wondering of why none take pause
Swinging away toward a hopeless day
When all living shall be dead and lay
And burning in the depths of time
Wishing this fire had a dash of lime
I gape at why I didn’t insert my dime

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