Antidepressants 1

Ok, i told my counselor I would make an appointment with the clinic to get put on some, but I haven’t… Mainly for 2 reasons. 1 – I don’t like anything mind altering. We’ve talked about this extensively and i don’t feel too terrible about that part now at least. Talking with my mom about t this weekend also helped a lot as well. I’m still leery about it, though I’m no longer really adverse to the idea… 2 – I wanted to talk with my mom about it first. I finally got to on Saturday and found out something i didn’t know. My mom has been on Welbutrin for 4 years now and my aunt has been on antidepressants for years as well. in fact, all the women in my family have had chronic depression. I guess either they hide it well, or i’ve been blinded by my own depression and difficulties and never saw the obvious. Anyway, i’ll be making that appointment first thing in the morning and telling the doctor all that now. And i’ll be asking for the same thing she gets – genetic link and all that – it works for her so it will likely work for me.


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