8 March 2011 Dream

In my own mind now. In a department store being stalked by a man and
some mutant type people with various deformities and stuff – most were
disguise-able. Basically wandered around, not really shopping,
escorted by dream people that act a bit like white blood cells in my
department store. They had phones that had scanners that could see if
someone there wasn’t of the store. They gave me one, but I never could
figure out the menu structure. I can’t read like that in dreams. ^_^
Anyway, they tracked me/us for a while and kinda herded me to an open
area in the middle of the clothes section on the third floor. Somehow
I was captured and taken back to his menagerie/maze-like house/lab. I
think it amounted to me finally being approached by the man and being
offered something that I really wanted and him asking for help. In the
end, I accepted and left willingly, though I was bound for the trip.

In another place now. After what feels like no time at all, yet a
great yet close distance, we came to his place. It was built a bit
similar to other places i’ve been to. Angular rooms with no more than
1 right angle and none of the rooms are at either the same level or
same angle. Quite a large ‘single story’ house though. The floors were
wooden and the ‘walls’ were branches and leaves. It was like it was
built in a really thick forest canopy – unlike prior similar places
which were more stone underground modern art sort of places.

I wandered around a bit learning about the people there and how he had
invented a chaos engine mutator that uses a ‘white wolf’ virus effect
to change people into their mutated forms in a matter of hours to
days. Some of the mutations were just the person being a bit out of
phase with reality – little to nothing visible, they just felt ‘off’.
Others were more extreme – one guy had his head replaced with a
cartoon version that you can’t focus on, and his real head was
sticking out of his gut (this guy seemed to answer my questions the
best). Another pair that stuck out are a set of female twins that were
age regressed to about eight and made extremely addicted to
masturbation – they spent ALL their time laying in bed. And of course
there was a guy with literally the head of a gray arctic wolf. The man
that brought me there didn’t actually ‘answer’ any questions, but gave
me some info about things mentally – basically a tour of the place and
some background info.

I think I was technically ‘awake’ for this part on, because I COULD
read the screens just fine for the most part, though they seemed to be
more in a pictorial language that I knew previously.

When he went to bed, I got on his computer and found out that his
ex-wife wrote the software and that she was very vindictive, leaving
all sorts of intentional bugs in the system. It was set up so that
everything had a random variable applied to it and it could only do
one treatment and series of calculations for the ‘white wolf’ effect.
Anyway, I rewrote it so that you can actually control the effect so he
wasn’t experimenting wildly in the hopes of being able to reproduce a
specific effect. I also rewrote it all so that you can program in
several effects and give multiple treatments based on last known data
from the person.

While doing that, I simultaneously redesigned myself and stored that
program in the system for later use. (which amounted to a female
catgirl/elf hybrid)

He finally woke up, wondering what I was doing. I explained it all to
him and he felt about like a fool sitting there. And the dream ended
with me saying that i’ll have to check the firmware on the device
itself to make sure she didn’t leave any surprises in it.

There was a sense of being freed at this time and I was in bed. I
can’t really say that I ‘woke up’ because it felt more like just a
simple metaphysical awareness shift.


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