Living Anew

Falling upon the wings of angels
Flying free through the clouds
Spinning and twirling contentedly
Not a care to behold anywhere
Journey home begins today
The end of darkness and despair
Butterfly wings finally spread
Cocoon shed and falling away
Limitless skies reaching out
Shackles thrown free
As my true self lives anew

Roaming across plains
Discovering shapes and lines
Emotions, forms, and delights
Love gained, friends lost
Betrayal and anger, yet forgiveness
New joys and pleasures discovered
Flavors of life explode alive
Floating through the mind
Drowning thought and speech
New sparkling dawn awaits
Shining through my soul


One Response to Living Anew

  1. Beyond wonderful! Really! I do know you can lend your writings to a university for study and if they like, can get it in print for free for you. Learned that when I wrote that children’s book…still have it too. Give to you for what ever you want; after all, I wrote if for you…..:)