Energy Ritual

I was reminded a little while ago by another student that many of us don’t even know one of the most basic energy rituals out there. Well, here it is. Please feel free to share this with like-minded individuals.

This is a simple and effective ritual that can be done anywhere. The main purpose is two-fold. 1 – to recall your energy from the streams that circulate through Terra, and 2 – to pull in more celestial energies through the link between Luna and Terra.

Stretch one hand up and the other hand down for 5-10 seconds. Switch hands and repeat. Do this a few times and you’ll feel more energetic and awake. When standing, moving your opposite foot from your raised hand to your other knee can help as well.

Timing this to while Luna is towards her full time helps some people, as well as while she’s overhead. Experiment with times and locations to find your best times.


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