Antidepressants working?

Ok, if this is all because of this generic wellbutrin, i think i kinda like it. Lately, and today especially, I’ve been just super happy and kinda giddy and a little on the hyper side of things. I’m not being dragged down by negative feelings either. I had one small incident this morning when a song came on the radio, but as soon as it ended i was cheery again. I mean totally awesomely bright and cheery. In class today i didn’t do so well on the practice test, but i reviewed all the questions and i can actually consistently think through and leap across all subjects in the material with ease. It’s freaking insane. I feel… Good. O.o It’s… It’s something else. I don’t know if i like it yet, but i can DEFINITELY get used to it. I mean seriously, things could be a LOT worse and… It’s… Well it’s different. I’ve never felt like this before. I’ve always been down and depressed and stuff – so much that i’ve gotten very good at feigning happiness over the years. but now it’s like the world is just so much brighter and open. I’m still rather awkward around people, but… Meh… Whatever. ^_^ I’m still moody as heck, but it’s now normally a positive mood swing rather than a negative one


2 Responses to Antidepressants working?

  1. Glad that is making a difference.

  2. 😀