Hobbies Addendum

I missed a few hobbies in my last entry. ^_^ I hope I remember them this time.

  • Guitar – i have a Floyd Rose V24. Like any other hobby, I researched everything and settled on exactly what I wanted based on several variables. Namely, style, smooth sound, and options.
  • Graphic Arts – I have a fair bit of creativity and i can do a lot of things, but beyond C.A.T. (Computer Art Terrorism) I don’t have any desire to do more with that. Oh and I normally suck at drawing.
  • Cross-stitching and crocheting – I enjoy it, but rarely get a chance to do it, if ever anymore. And as for crocheting, that was so long ago, I barely remember much about it to start with.



Edit – I forgot a couple still!

  • Photography – I have 2 DSLRs and would love to be able to afford a third. Specifically, the Canon 7D.
  • Audio – I have so much stereo and video hardware in my 2000 Ford Taurus (with all employee package options – only prior owner was the wife of the owner of the dealer I bought her from) that it’s worth more than the blue book value of her. And I have almost that again in home theater hardware.


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