Dear Diary: This is me...

Dear Diary: This is me…

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  • new poem today

    Posted on by Az

    forever longing and striving
    i see hope at last
    floundering in the world
    there is a thin line
    moving forward
    slowly gaining dreams
    realizing myself
    and who i am
    who i will be
    at the end of the day
    when the journey is complete
    and life starts anew

  • Goodnight my lovelies

    Posted on by Az

    somewhere in the night (more…)

  • Shield Generator

    Posted on by Az

    Ok… I’ve had a bit of an epiphany… Looking at tesla coil vids, I’ve realized something… With that much energy and plasma, you could make one heck of a shield with it. And now to relate everything to Star Trek for a few. Also, this is all dependent upon being in a vacuum. (more…)

  • 8 March 2011 Dream

    Posted on by Az

    In my own mind now. In a department store being stalked by a man and
    some mutant type people with various deformities and stuff – most were
    disguise-able. Basically wandered around, not really shopping,
    escorted by dream people that act a bit like white blood cells in my
    department store. (more…)

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